Kayak Classes

It' Time! Kayak will offer recreational kayak instruction for the novice kayaker beginning in Jan. 2010. These classes are designed to give the new paddler who wants to know more about kayaking a better understanding of how to maximize their experiences on the water.

The classes will be held at the Port Charlotte Beach Park and will run about two hours each. An hour or so of instruction and discussion will be followed by about one hour of paddling and practice.

We start the first lesson with some boat terminology and the differences in basic kayak design. This can help you to decide which kayak is right for you should you be considering a kayak purchase. Kayak design, like all boat design, is a compromise. You give up something to get something. It is important to put some thought into which kayak is right for you before you go spend a thousand dollars.

We will then look at some options for more easily getting in and out of a kayak and some supplies and accessories you might consider for an outing.

It's pretty easy to tell the paddler who has had instruction from those who have not. We spend a large part of the class on the basic paddle strokes used to efficiently move you and your kayak through the water. Paddling basics are something you can learn rather quickly but perfecting the techniques can take time and effort. But if you think you'd like to paddle, it's well worth it.

Of course, fundamental safety practices are covered as well.

Sign up is easy. Just give us a call at 941 255-3686 or email us your intentions to attend the class.

The cost is $65 per person.

See ya on the skinny water!

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