Kayaking Mangrove Point

What a nice paddle. the Mangrove Point paddle has a little of everything. After launching from the Ponce De Leon park, we head up the Ponce De Leon canal to a lake area where we take a Mangrove lined tunnel out to an area call the "barge canal" which was used in the construction of Punta Gorda Isles and is now closed to boat traffic. We then head out to the open harbor where we follow the coast line back to the Park.

Our last trip was quite rewarding. There were more birds than I've seen since last winter. Among them Osprey, Egrets, Herons and an Eagle to name a few. All of which can be seen on our "Photos Page". Young Shrimp were popin' in the Mangrove tunnels and fish were everywhere. As I was drifting along the coast of the harbor, I came upon a huge fish and I was on him before either of us realized it and I believe the splash scared me more than it did him.

The trip is short. Not more than a leisurely two hours paddle so there's no hurry here and with the wildlife we saw why would you. The tunnels are a bit tight at spots but overall the tunnels are wider and easier to navigate than most.

I'm definately going back to do some fishing on the grass beds found along the coast of the harbor. We saw tons of mullet and a fair amount of fish chasing the mullet.

All made for a great afternoon on the water. I like the early morning and it's a great place to watch the sunset.

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