Kayaking Hunter Creek Rookery

A rookery is a breeding area for, in this case, birds, and this trip centers around the Hunter Creek rookery. Of course, this trip is best done in winter but you can still find birds there in August. This past year, the island was covered with Wood Storks and their young. Quite a sight and sound.

We first take a leisurely paddle around the lower end of Deep Creek and back across the Peace River to Hunter Creek. The tour is about two and a half to three hours in length and is a nice part of the river. The mangroves are just starting to become a part of the shoreline in this area but a variety of foliage is still present. The closer to the Harbor, the more the mangrove begin dominating the scenery.

We also pass the ruins of the docks that once stood in the town of Liverpool, where trains were loaded with phosphate and taken to Boca Grande to be loaded on ships and shipped world wide. Nothing is left of this once booming area but the now dilapidated foundation.

This launch is located at the end of Liverpool Rd. off RT.17 and has no facilities or parking fees. Call or email to schedule your kayak adventure.

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